Strategic Facilitation

Strategic Facilitation

Engage an expert, executive-level facilitator to gently nudge powerful senior leadership teams to make difficult prioritization decisions together–and work better together.

Expert facilitation
Expert facilitators help bring elephants into the room; help make assumptions visible; provide space for all to be heard quickly and effectively; hold space for healthy conflict, dissension and difficult information surfacing; and provide visual and data-based decision-making frameworks that allow leaders to come to difficult collaborative decisions with confidence and without pocket vetoes.

Guiding improved outcomes
Elevate experts facilitate these processes leveraging lean-agile mindsets, simultaneously facilitating, training and modeling the lean-agile leadership and leadership-teaming behaviors needed to improve business value delivery and employee engagement.

Support for decentralized decision-making
Decentralized decision-making is faster and often better because it moves decisions closer to where the information is. However, it only works when next-level leaders have current and coherent business systems context. Elevate encourages bringing multiple levels of leaders together in the room (literal or virtual) specifically to improve business systems understanding to to model lean-agile leadership and effective collaborative decision-making.

Powerful alignment
Expert facilitators help you bring your extended leadership team to powerful alignment while practicing lean-agile mindset and behaviors that are critical for effective agile and devops transformation, and to manage sustaining agile business operations.

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