Elevate Transformation Services

Elevate provides lasting, positive organizational change through expert training, consulting, coaching and facilitation. We partner with senior leaders to improve business outcomes through practical application of business agility principles.

Elevate Services

  • Practical Transformation Leadership:  Engage an Elevate expert to partner with you as you lead the transformation of your technology portfolio, line of business or company.
  • Business Agility Assessment: Are you getting the outcomes, value flow, and employee engagement you expect? Elevate will analyze your organization and help plan your next improvements.
  • Effective Agile and DevOps Transformation:  Achieve lasting, positive impact from large, complex agile and devops transformation initiatives. Apply proven patterns that are fit-for-purpose to your varying contexts to improve end-to-end value delivery.
  • Practice Makes Culture™️: Practice lean-agile leadership as a team to rapidly change organizational habit and your culture–while steering your business and delivering critical work more effectively.

  • Agile Business Management Improve results from operations and grow-the-business activities through adoption of agile business steering and management practices.
  • Agile Critical Initiative Deployment:  Confidently and successfully execute on disruptive enterprise change initiatives, engaging groups across the company.
  • Team (Group) Effectiveness:  Can you clearly see the mandates for your teams, and understand how they intersect and interrelate? Create organizational clarity and commitment through an inclusive, energizing chartering process.
  • Strategic Facilitation: Engage an expert, executive-level facilitator to gently nudge powerful executive and senior leadership teams to make difficult prioritization decisions together–and work better together.
  • 1:1 Leadership Coaching and Mentoring:  Leverage deliberate practice to improve agile leadership skills critical for leading and maintaining transformation and business agility.

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Elevate Business Agility Training

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Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) Certified Training

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