I love watching humans thrive and achieve together.

I believe organizations of all types can elevate how people work together to unleash the potential of individuals and teams at all levels.

As I help you create that kind of organization, I bring a unique combination of strengths:

  • Clarity in shared communication, no jargon
  • Calming. Energy. That creates an environment of purposeful direction
  • Artistic, refreshing new perspectives, seeing the system from a new angle
  • Creating connection, employing an empathy-centric view, bringing it back to the humans inside and outside the building

I help leaders play with ideas, combining the art of the possible and curiosity with disciplined experiments. I can help you consider, evaluate, mock-up and try on new ways of thinking and doing–and then help you design doable experiments to see where that thinking and action takes you.

All in service to the larger goal of creating a healthy system of humans that is capable of achieving its greatest goals.

The transformation often begins by widening the aperture–we bring a larger group of people together to plan strategy and work. We make *all* the work visible, which brings clarity as it honors all our efforts while setting up the group to make better decisions. Then we build a habit of succeeding together every two weeks–demo’ing progress and celebrating results. The effect is like a breath of fresh air as people feel aligned on goals, as they work together across former boundaries, and as the group begins to experience flow.

We can work together toward these results through:

  • 1:1 mentoring to help leaders become more effective change agents
  • Coaching your leadership team to employ Business Agility principles and practices as you manage your business or deploy critical initiatives, practicing together to effectively deploy change and growth in your organization
  • Teaching you and your people to Facilitate Change: Practice Makes CultureTM, with an emphasis on the place where business gets done and culture is most visible: meetings
  • Improving leadership team effectiveness: Facilitated workshop to improve team cohesion and commitment, followed by a program of practicing together

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