Pledge 1-2-3%

We Pledge 1-2-3%

Elevate pledges to do good when we do well:

When we founded Elevate, we pledged one percent of our equity. What does that mean? If Elevate is acquired, we will donate 1% of the equity purchase to non-profit organizations.

We regularly give back through profits: We donate 2% of Elevate profits to help selected non-profit organizations change the world for the better. 

We pledge 3% of our humans’ time to serve non-profits through standard Elevate offers: Strategy clarity; board, executive, and senior leadership alignment offsites; even agile, devops, and cultural transformations.

Are you running a nonprofit organization in need?
Please contact us if you are a non-profit who would like to be considered for Elevate’s 3% time.

Do you want to Pledge 1-2-3%?
If you want to join us in changing the world for the better, a great way to start is to check out Pledge 1%