Elevate partners with you to create sustaining, positive culture change. We help you improve transformation and business results through practical application of Leadership, Strategy, and Delivery agility.

Leadership Agility

How can I make sure my transformation and major change efforts succeed?

Major change efforts often require structural and operational changes, but fail to achieve their impact because they also require cultural changes. Large-scale change initiatives only succeed when leaders change how they lead.

What you practice as a leader and leadership team becomes organizational habit and forms the foundation of your culture. Whether you’re leading your business to continuously improve, or leading a transformation, your words and behaviors create experiences that shape others’ beliefs and actions, and ultimately your results.

Mentoring and Coaching
Inspire and excel through personal and collective growth with mentoring and coaching in

  • Lean Portfolio Management
  • Agile Transformation Leadership
  • Executive Personal Growth
  • Facilitative Leadership at all levels

Leadership Team Development Programs
Develop yourself, your teams, and upcoming talent with leadership assessments and mentored practice toward improvement. Work with Elevate experts to incorporate the latest in habit formation research to create lasting, positive cultural change that delivers improved business performance: Practice Makes Culture™️.

  • Facilitative Leadership Program: Create more inclusive experiences to effectively enable systems learning and empowerment.
  • Growing Inspired SAFe® Change Agents: improve your ability to lead change efforts that inspire.
  • Leadership Team Effectiveness and Development: Improve team cohesion, health, and performance with TLC Collective Leadership Assessment(TM) and expert coaching.
  • Leadership Team Re-Chartering: Improve team trust and cohesion with new team chartering or existing team re-chartering.

Executive Learning Series
Open all levels of leadership to new perspectives and growth opportunities through our exclusive leadership series of lectures and deep dive sessions from a combination of Elevate experts:

Interested in partnering with Elevate to help you show up differently, engage others more effectively, and deliver improved outcomes?

Strategy Agility

How can I improve my operating model, funding, and overall business agility?

Steer with Clarity

You need to be able to steer your strategy more quickly than ever before—to rapidly explore divergent futures, create extreme clarity, and tell inspiring stories about your desired OKRs—in order to create the alignment needed for rapid execution without friction.

Strategy conversations require open and honest conversation about very difficult choices. Yet it’s easy to get stuck, to talk in circles, or to allow the loudest voices in the rooms to be the only ones that get heard.

Elevate helps bring elephants into the room, leveraging lean-agile mindsets to allow leaders to understand reality, explore potential futures, and come to difficult, collaborative decisions with confidence.

Agile Operating Models
Establish the ways of working together that create sustainable patterns and consistent alignment.

  • Quarterly Business Steering: Actively practice steering your strategy more frequently, and as a full customer value stream. Gain the alignment necessary to avoid the ‘crisis of prioritization’ caused by having unmanaged competing objectives.
  • Lean Portfolio Management: Flow based funding is the foundation to true business agility. Let our experts help your team establish a solid foundation of knowledge and process.
  • Critical Initiative Deployment: Confidently and successfully execute on disruptive enterprise change initiatives, engaging groups across the company to deliver measurable results.
  • Continuous Compliance Workshop: The systems must be managed. Our experts have extensive experience helping our client partners implement compliance process that ensure the safety and security desired without being restrictive to the flow of the work.

Purposeful Deployment & Strategic Clarity
Create the organizational clarity necessary for a truly decentralized generative culture.

  • Strategy Articulation Workshop: Alignment requires a defined, articulated strategy. Let us help your team refine its strategy and determine OKR’s that will help you know if the organization is moving the right direction.
  • Product Portfolio Mapping: Balancing research, product development and market operations requires different perspectives and involves the entire enterprise. We can teach your team how to facilitate the ongoing conversations necessary to maintain this balance.
  • OD change planning and support: Define your company’s organizational design road map and create the appropriate implementation plan to realize the outcomes your company wants.

Our experts provide strategic facilitation to help your leadership team rapidly adopt the mindset and behaviors needed to effectively implement agile business management. We leverage deliberate practice to turn these new behaviors into sustaining habits that improve transparency towards outcomes and eradicate fire drills and pocket vetoes .

Delivery Agility

How can I improve quality and time to market of my products?

When everyone is playing the “change the way the teams work, but don’t change the way the org works” game, remaining competitive feels daunting, or at times even impossible. Consistently high quality, predictable delivery and motivated employees don’t seem attainable.

Elevate helps organizations of all sizes understand and implement Lean Agile delivery practices. We help leadership embody the “how and why”. Doing so allows for better customer-centric value metrics, collaboration, prioritization, removal of organizational friction, and regular demonstrations of progress by leadership, teams of teams, and teams. Regardless of where your organization is on its journey, Elevate can help you understand and take the next steps.

Project to Product Transitions
Chart a course to evolve from the crisis of prioritization that is inherent in the project funding and management model.

  • Product Portfolio Mapping: Generate a a unified view of your product landscape in order to begin reasoning about architectural investments, process improvements, funding approaches, and how various strategies will drive changes into the organization.
  • Organizing around Value Delivery: By organizing the teams around value delivery, your organization can better resolve costly project based start and stop behavior.
  • Visualize the Workflow and Value Stream Mapping: Understand how value flows and capture the work across the various stages of development, allowing real prioritization, organizational focus, and predictable delivery.
  • Product Road Mapping: Support each product in outlining the key elements of product strategy, the work and experiments to achieve that strategy, and the architectural runway to create sustainable solutions for your customers.
  • Custom Lean | Agile Workshops: Co-create custom workshops with our industry leading experts to solve unique challenges, then develop the skills and confidence to deliver the workshop repeatedly within your organization.

Agile & SAFe Transformation
The introduction and evolution of Agile and SAFe can’t be outsourced to another organization. We partner with your people so they can experience, learn and grow for themselves.

  • Transformation Leadership Execution: Direct support for those in charge of shaping and navigating the path your company takes on the Journey to Agility.
  • Lean Agile Center of Excellence (LACE) Chartering and Evolution: We can help you create and grow your internal Lean Agile experts to support the enterprise at large as your company defines better ways of working.
  • Growing Inspired SAFe® Change Agents: improve your ability to successfully lead efforts that create generative change.
  • Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) Certified Training: Gain a deeper understanding of the Scaled Agile Framework with our experienced trainers.
  • SAFe Adoption and Elevation: Whether your launching your first train, building on your past efforts, or addressing the thorny cross-cutting challenges, Elevate has the experience necessary to help your company get the results you want with SAFe.

Our experts provide strategic facilitation to help your leadership team rapidly adopt the mindset and behaviors needed to effectively implement agile business management. We leverage deliberate practice to turn these new behaviors into sustaining habits that improve transparency towards outcomes and eradicate fire drills and pocket vetoes .