We love 

We believe in our clients, our partners, and our team members. We elevate the humans striving to change the world for the better in all types of organizations. We see you and stand with you in trying to make the world a better place. We operate in every way with your interests, goals, and needs in mind. Our ethics and integrity are self-evident in every action.

We connect

“Different” is a powerful catalyst. In every situation, we respect all kinds of “different” and “other” and seek to build bridges of understanding and appreciation. Within an organization, we know that “they” are never the true problem, so we explicitly pull teams and individuals together to work as a “we”.  We believe these bridges between diverse individuals are critical to solving not only organizational challenges, but our toughest global and core humanity challenges.

We grow  

We recognize, name, and celebrate the growth and opportunities in ourselves and our clients, inspiring curiosity and improvement. We help change organizations, environments and systems to bring out the best qualities and behavior of everyone, allowing them to thrive. We support every person with the empathy and respect all humans require, especially in times of change.

We energize

We bring energy and positive engagement to every interaction. We respect that attention and energy are our clients’ and our team’s most scarce resource, and we earn our trusted partnership through our professionalism, ease of relationship, and balance of self-reliance and collaboration. Humans feel hope, inspiration and belief in their capabilities from engaging with us, even and especially around the most challenging topics.

We advocate 

We celebrate diversity of spirituality and religion, race and ethnicity, partnering choice, gender association, and point of view, and we invest to ensure those diverse voices are heard. We seek to do no harm to our team, clients, society, or planet in pursuit of our company goals, and we encourage our clients and team to do the same. We believe we can do well by doing good. When we do well, we pay it forward (see Pledge 1%/2%/3%).