It is impossible to achieve true enterprise flow without changing how you structure your organization to align to the flow of value, and that requires you adjust how you invest against your strategies, coordinate across your portfolio, and govern its operation.

As a Principal Contributor to the SAFe framework I’ve helped develop and evolve how SAFe applies portfolio management based on my own experiences and mistakes, and based on observing how many clients have explored different ways to improve the flow of value across their enterprises.  Beyond my framework contributions, I’m also the author of the Advanced Topics article “Improving Strategic Investment Impact by Limiting Portfolio WIP” and the LPM Essentials diagnostic checklist

In late 2020 I’ve decided to expand access to my “Getting started with LPM” integrated program to more companies and executive leadership teams. This includes both the full (re)launch package and access to my general LPM mentoring program.

If you are interested in either of these programs, please use the button below to get in touch. 

Get (re)started package

Evolving your portfolio management approach requires effective collaboration between many siloes that will need to learn to work together in new ways. No wonder companies rarely manage to move beyond adopting a few LPM practices here and there.

This package is designed to help you take a comprehensive view to unblocking flow, focusing your investments, and reducing your time to market across your entire portfolio through applying LPM approaches. All components are delivered personally by Eric Willeke


  • SAFe Lean Portfolio Management training
    provide a baseline understanding to all likely members of the LPM Change Coalition
  • LPM change team formation workshop
    align all members of the change team on the purpose, definition of better, and critical moves
  • Value Stream Mapping workshop(s)
    provide clear current state and draft target state definitions for the shape of the portfolio
  • Portfolio roadmapping workshop
    align the change team on the sequence of actions and outcomes required to achieve the target state
  • LPM Leadership Mentoring
    provide ongoing, capability-focused learning for the executives leading the portfolio

SAFe Fellow & Principal Contributor Eric Willeke is a true thought leader in his field. Eric has a truly fundamental understanding of the principles behind the various lean and agile methods and has a clear perspective on the difference between methodology and ideology. This frees him to apply his knowledge in most any enterprise or agile intellectual context.

– Dean Leffingwell 
Chief Methodologist of SAFe, Cofounder Scaled Agile, Inc