Facilitating Agile Change: Practice Makes Culture™️

Facilitating Agile Change: Practice Makes Culture™️

Your organization is changing, adopting business agility principles and practices. Aligned to that change, leaders are trying to adopt new behaviors. The best place to practice lean-agile behaviors is in meetings. Meetings are where culture most clearly and regularly gets exhibited, and are also where it can be most quickly influenced and changed.

You, too, are undergoing a personal transformation to more facilitative leadership as your company is undergoing a business agility (or lean, agile, devops, digital) transformation. Facilitating collaboration and large-group engagement, conflict, and decision-making are critical skills needed to create and sustain successful transformation. 

Facilitating Agile Change Training Class and Program
Participants of Facilitating Agile Change learn how to design, lead and facilitate culture-changing meetings so that their whole organization’s culture transforms into one where the humans deliver better, together: better business results & happier humans.

Facilitating Agile Change is offered as a class or weekly program for 5-25 participants:

  • Remote training class (3 remote days, 6 hours per day)
  • Habit formation program (6 weeks, 3 hours per week) 

This class or program is designed for a cohort of

  • Agile transformation leaders, Agile change leaders, Internal agile coaches, QSM/BRP facilitators, Agile Line Managers and Agile Product Managers
  • PI planning facilitators (such as STEs and RTEs), Agile Project Managers and ScrumMasters

Training practice sessions include

  • Welcome & WIIFM
  • Connect to the Transformation
  • Practice the Change You Want to See: Self and Team Practice
  • Leading/Facilitating Great Meetings
  • Facilitating Difficult Meetings & Conflict
  • Designing Great Meetings
  • Creating a Continuing Practice for Organizational Change

Full participation in all sessions and successful completion of class exercises will make a participant eligible for an Agile Change Facilitator (ACF) certificate.

Get Started
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