I help leaders make a difference. I mentor and train the executives that sponsor and lead agile transformations to generate clarity of vision, lead change effectively, and deliver the agility their organizations need to thrive.

Agile change comes under many names: Agile, Digital, DevOps, Product Transformation, Workforce transformation, SAFe adoption, Lean initiative… and many others. The reality is that it doesn’t matter what you call it, it’s all a big ball of yarn that needs to be addressed together, and trying to focus on just one leads to poor, incomplete results that don’t sustain beyond the current initiative. Unravelling this ball of yarn is full of risk and complexity, and I focus on helping executives in two key areas:

  1. Agile Sponsorship: Setting up your transformation office and shaping your transformation roadmap
  2. Lean Portfolio Management: Navigating the hard changes to portfolio management.

My experience in leading and architecting multiple agile transformations, as a coach and facilitator, as a SAFe Fellow, SPCT and Principal Contributor to the SAFe Framework, and my technology background as an architect have proven remarkably effective in helping transformation executives avoid the pitfalls faced by every agile transformation, ensuring sustainable impact from your investments into agility while avoiding large wastes of time and money from going down the wrong paths.

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