Meet the Elevate Team:
Martin Olson

Martin Olson is a Transformation Consultant and SPCT. Martin is located in the mid-western United States. He holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Kansas City (1991) and a MBA from the University of Kansas (2001). Martin helps organizations throughout the United States and Europe realize better value more predictably and sustainably. His client-partners range from small nonprofits to Fortune 50 companies.  

By leveraging the Lean, Agile and Systems coaching bodies of knowledge, Martin is able to help his client-partners understand, design and implement change initiatives that consistently lead to the creation of high-performing organizational teams, programs and cultures.

In Martin’s Words

“Organizational change and cultural evolution is complex and oftentimes difficult; even messy. Simply teaching patterns and models to those involved is never enough. Even more troubling is the fact that established practices of centralized management fall short in today’s ever-changing, fast-paced environments. It is critical that people know what they are working towards and why. The path is constantly being refined and the travelers are ever maturing. If your teams’ minds, hearts and energies are not involved, you are probably going to fall short of where you need to be.

“I don’t have the answers, and you should really question anyone that says they do. I do have a breadth and depth of knowledge and experiences that can help channel, distill, and grow the inherent voice of the system. By acting as more of a partner-sherpa vs. consultant-guide I have found my true calling; unlocking the intrinsic intelligence, passion and energy of the systems I work with and supporting them on their journey.“