Practice Makes Culture
What you practice as a leadership team becomes organizational habit and forms the basis of your culture.

To speed the change of both conscious and unconscious behaviors for leaders and leadership teams, I facilitate sessions that provide a welcome space for leaders to practice adopting and refining new behaviors while getting their most critical work done.

Together, we model and apply lean-agile principles, incorporating deliberate practice and habit change theory to create lasting, positive organizational change that delivers real business results.

Practical Agility Creates Effective Delivery —
and Happier Humans
While there are many success patterns to pull from, transformation is itself a complex product. Practical application of lean and agile principles is needed to achieve the benefits promised by business agility (and agile, scaled agile, devops, digital, customer-centric) transformation.

I leverage a background in leading and coaching large-scale business agility transformations and early-stage startups to provide mentoring and coaching for transformation leaders, key change roles and stakeholders. My goal is to rapidly transfer critical skills to company leaders such that the culture of effective delivery is internally owned and sustaining.

Change Even Faster this Time
I love to work with executives who have previously sponsored and led change, who understand how to best engage external partners to speed learning and business agility adoption in their organization.

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Business agility improves:

  • strategy deployment: increased speed, quality, and predictability in the delivery of critical business programs, initiatives, and products
  • clarity in vision, strategy and value
  • innovation and systems thinking throughout the organization
  • leadership team cohesion and alignment
  • employee engagement and happiness

Engage with me for:

Transformational Outcomes
“I met Christine Hudson when my company was literally an idea on the back of a napkin. Since then she has contributed to my growth as a business leader, both emotionally and professionally. Christine and her team have facilitated strategic planning and team building exercises for us for 4+ years. Their ability to distill large amounts of information and contributions to actionable, ownable, and measurable outcomes is really nothing short of a miracle. Christine has helped our team navigate organizational transitions, celebrate our wins, and map realistic goals based on our capacity. Our team is stronger and more focused because of it. The opportunity to work with Christine Hudson and her team is a gift. If you get the chance, take it: And when you do, be prepared to do the difficult work and to celebrate the transformational outcomes.”
— Ashley Colpaart, CEO The Food Corridor