What we each practice as conscious behaviors (and habits) shapes the culture of our relationship with ourselves, with our partners, within our organizations, within our country, across countries and throughout our world.

I’ll follow this post with others on culture, habit change, and facilitating organizational change, but for today, I’d just like to share a simple post on how you can get started.

Getting Started
Positive behavior and habit change is noticeable and powerful when taken as an individual, and even more powerful when practiced as a team.

Every small action, every small change you model is a visible vote for the culture you want to create.

If you’re interested in changing your company culture starting with yourself, as an individual, I suggest starting with working on personal responsibility, described in The Responsibility Process by our friend and respected colleague Christopher Avery.

If you’re interested in getting started as a leadership team, I suggest starting with this blog post on BRP to provide insight on how you might practice cultural change while creating organizational clarity and delivering your most critical work and change efforts forward.

What will you practice today?