Strategic Lean-Agile Purpose Deployment

We hope you enjoyed reading our April 1st SLAPD post as much as we enjoyed writing it. It was silly, but it wasn’t all a joke. The acronym is silly, but we were quite serious about how you as leaders lean in with us to radically change and improve your ability to align and deliver on strategy.

So, kidding, not kidding.

Now we’d love to share the serious bits–the real improvements and results leaders get working with Elevate.

We partner with you to create:

  • Strategic alignment: Elevate experts (Elevators) facilitate extended leadership groups through the difficult task of prioritizing and aligning on the most critical strategies needed to change the business. Think it’s difficult to prioritize your day? Try prioritizing a $150M or even a $2B portfolio with 60-100 other senior leaders and no pocket vetoes, converging with real alignment.

  • Lean-Agile learning and practice: Elevators train leadership groups on business agility, to create meaningful results faster. Elevators then facilitate putting the new mindset and behaviors immediately to work: Visualizing and limiting “in-the-business” operational work and “on-the-business” change work to speed value delivery through the business systems.

  • Purpose Deployment: Next, Elevators help leadership groups deploy the most critical initiatives with agility. Together we leverage deliberate practice and continuous improvement cadences to examine and reinforce clarity and alignment on strategy and purpose, prioritize and limit upcoming work, and demonstrate completed work.

Work is selected and completed that delivers best fit-to-value, fit-to-intent, fit-to-organizational-purpose. The cadences, practice, and coaching reinforce meaning, intent, and new behaviors–new culture–throughout the organization.

Engaging Elevate for Facilitation
While you can certainly run these meetings yourself, an external facilitator allows you to fully participate and practice. Elevate facilitators gently push the teams through the hard work of learning new practices together–many which are almost completely opposite of what they’ve been rewarded for in the past–especially around decision making.

Real business agility requires the courage to say ‘no’ to some work, in order to focus on the most important work. And perhaps most difficult, you will need to let go of traditional forms of control in order to achieve a new type of success that comes through powerful, engaged co-prioritization that creates true alignment.

This shift typically requires coaching, facilitation and a bit of bravery. It takes patience and new behaviors to give people the space needed to voice dissenting opinions or to question strategies on the way to alignment.

It typically takes about three quarters of coaching and facilitation for the practices to become part of the new culture–one of confident delivery–but you’ll begin seeing results immediately.

This effort is worth it to change the way you’re delivering value – faster, with higher quality. Regularly. With high transparency so fewer fire drills. With regular re-prioritization and rapid re-alignment so your whole organization can easily adapt to changing conditions.

If you’d like to practice Strategic Lean Agile Purpose Deployment, we at Elevate would be honored to help you create real, positive results. Contact us at