Elevate Clients Get SLAPD

Elevate clients are getting SLAPD left and right, and they’re not only happy about it, they usually end up getting other executives around them SLAPD too. Sometimes, they even move to new jobs and ask to get SLAPD there! You could say they are SLAPD-happy.

Why would anyone volunteer repeatedly to get SLAPD? Because it hurts so good!

How do Elevate clients get SLAPD?
Well, first, you should know that getting SLAPD is a group activity, whether leaders do it in person, remotely, or fully distributed. Typically the whole group–an extended leadership team–gets SLAPD together.

These group sessions are hard at first, because nobody is ready to be SLAPD till they experience it. Companies that are serious about getting SLAPD bring in the Elevators (Elevate’s consultants) to help them learn how to effectively get SLAPD. Here’s what it feels like:

Strategic alignment: It’s painful realizing just how off the rails everyone has gone–leaders are doing too many things, all headed in different directions. Ever thought “my team needs to be SLAPD into shape”? It’s probably true! Oh, you’ll feel SLAPD around, but you’ll all be aligned on the most critical strategies after you get SLAPD!

Lean-Agile mindset and behaviors: Sometimes you need to be SLAPD upside the mindset – clear into modern ways of working. When your extended team just doesn’t seem to be getting that you have to work differently and align to value, it’s time to get SLAPD.

Purpose Deployment: Get SLAPD silly on a cadence–over and over–as you deliver what’s most important. When you’ve been SLAPD enough, your head will spin with the dizzying speed of value delivery, and you’ll feel ready for the whole organization to get SLAPD repeatedly to get the same results. Your people will love getting SLAPD so frequently!

The result: Whether expected or not, leaders who bring in Elevators will get SLAPD with Strategic Lean-Agile Purpose Deployment!

How do leaders react to being SLAPD?
Perhaps surprisingly, there are usually only one or two angry outbursts. Then, they start taking to it really well, and even look forward to the chance to get SLAPD every quarter. After a few times, they start helping their teams get SLAPD without professional help… after all, leadership is often the bottleneck, and when a team needs SLAPD, they should be empowered to do it themselves.

In a thoroughly SLAPD organization, everything feels different. If people don’t know what to work on, what the goals are, or feel like they’re allowed to push it forward, they know it’s time to be SLAPD a bit more, and they bring their team and stakeholders together to be SLAPD together. In fact, they even discover that the best new teams are ones that are SLAPD together quickly!

For best results, get SLAPD three times
Unfortunately, many leaders think that getting SLAPD is too easy, and try to move to being SLAPD without professional help too soon. Learning the skills and nuance of helping large numbers of people get SLAPD together takes time, and you’ll rarely encounter all the surprises inherent in being SLAPD in your first few sessions.

To get the most out of your investment in being SLAPD, you’ll want to get SLAPD repeatedly over three quarters. Getting SLAPD involves many new organizational habits, some of which are quite difficult, and we’ll spend a lot of time together at the beginning. Don’t worry, as the sponsoring executive, you’ll find yourself getting lots of personal attention, getting SLAPD as you learn to lead your company through it (OUCH!). Fair’s fair, though, and we almost always find that amazing leaders that lean into being SLAPD will end up giving the Elevators new insights, habits, and skills in the process… they have SLAPD us back!

Want to get SLAPD?
The team at Elevate is happy to help. Ask to get SLAPD on Twitter or email us at SLAPD@elevate.to.