Something special happens when you find people who have the same mission, the same heart and mindset, and the same approach toward teaching and learning together.

What do you do but join forces?

We are all eager to change our clients’ lives for the better, and eager to learn and then share all we’ve learned. We all work to help leaders and teams sleep better at night, to help the teams we work with deliver with confidence, steer with clarity, and lead with heart. We all have built a common culture of giving back and of valuing diversity and inclusivity across the world, across cultural, gender, and other social divides.

We’re all immensely honored to be working with other such lovely humans, and couldn’t be happier to share that Elevate and Scaling Matters have joined forces. The combined entity will operate under the Elevate brand.

And we’re honored to share the powerful force for happier, healthier, sustainable businesses that is our expanded Elevate team: Our combined team brings together some of the most experienced and successful business agility and SAFe leadership practitioners to help executives change their businesses for the better. Our larger hope: By affecting so many humans in so many businesses so positively, we strive to change the world for the better.

We look forward to working with you.

– The Expanded Elevate Team: Jane, Gillian, Gareth, Martin, Sri, Eric, Ronica, and Christine