Effective Agile and DevOps Transformation

Effective Agile and DevOps Transformation Services

Achieve lasting, positive impact from large, complex agile and devops transformation initiatives. Apply proven patterns that are fit-for-purpose to your varying contexts to improve end-to-end value delivery.

Real change
One of the most common investments we see in G2000 businesses today is improving their technology-creation capability. Scaled agile and devops transformation case studies demonstrate lasting, positive impact: Companies delivering more value rapidly and regularly, with higher quality, and happier customers.

Unfortunately, achieving the desired change requires just that: real change. An agile or devops transformation affects the technology organization at a deeply fundamental level, requiring almost every person in every role in the organization to not only change nearly every process, but additionally to change their mindset and behavior. This is exceedingly difficult as many of the humans we are asking to lead, support, and make this change have been rewarded for the previous mindsets, behaviors, and processes for decades. Agile and devops transformation require a change of personal and organizational habit.

Get a Practical Partner
The Elevate team are some of the most experienced Scaled Agile Framework® experts – SPCTs – trusted partners who help senior leaders and their organizations navigate this change.We know how to help a whole organization – from leaders to team members doing the work and all the humans in between – in effective, large scale agile and devops adoption.

Elevate team members are practical experts who have helped large, complex, highly-regulated organizations effectively achieve better value throughput leveraging agility. They don’t just apply patterns from a book or framework; they are the humans who help identify the useful patterns, refine them in practice in large, complex organizations, and help update and write the book/framework based on what really works.

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