Agile Business Management

Agile Business Management

Improve results from run-the-business operations and grow-the-business activities through adoption of agile business steering and management practices.

Agile at the leadership level
Create more effective delivery leveraging agile business management.

Agility looks different for leaders than for teams (or teams of teams). Agile business management relies on customer-centric value metrics, regular and difficult collaborative prioritization, constant removal of organizational friction, and leaders regularly demonstrating progress towards specific business improvements to each other and to their teams.

Elevate experts provide training and coaching to help your leadership team rapidly adopt the mindset and behaviors needed to effectively implement agile business management, leveraging deliberate practice to turn these new behaviors into sustaining habits.

What this looks like in practice
Elevate experts facilitate

  • agile quarterly business steering: leadership team collaborative prioritization, alignment, and planning of critical change-the-business opportunities
  • agile planning: coordination, collaboration, and transparency on planned progress on critical change-the-business work over the upcoming quarter, with capacity considerations, dependencies, early warnings and adjustments needed to actually be able to deliver
  • biweekly adjustments to the plan based on learnings and demonstrations of real progress (yes, leadership teams demoing to each other and their teams)

What this feels like

  • radical transparency of what work is in progress, completed, and possible
  • the hard conversations are had earlier, so you see fewer surprises and fires
  • improved teaming and trust through repeated wins

Improve transparency
Ready to improve transparency towards outcomes, and ditch fire drills and pocket vetoes? Contact Elevate to create improved results with Agile Business Management.